Friday, December 25, 2009

Poha Makes Jewelry (but not that often...)

These are some belated Christmas gifts.  The first is a bracelet with an "om" charm symbol and various Swarovski crystals and a couple of pearls.  The second is a pair of earrings with different precoius gems (chalcedony, pearls) wired into a pretty silver looped chain.  The last one is a necklace I had bought the pieces for years ago and never got around to it.  I added a bunch of split rings to it so I can adjust it from about 20 inches to about 17 inches but just moving where I clasp it.  Pretty nifty, if I do say so myself!  I find it hard to do the day-to-day things, let alone have an active hobby like jewelry making, but I do enjoy it and it's great to know, especially when you can whip up beautiful gifts like these in about 15 to 30 minutes.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cappuccino Pizzelles

These smell heavenly as well. The little black flecks are actual coffee grounds, but I think sitting in the wet batter makes them not grainy. I snuck a bit of the raw batter and it's pretty darn good! I'm cooking them a bit darker than this, because I like my pizzelles crispy crunchy. Mmmm.....

Finally catching up....

Sorry for the long drought in posting, then the deluge in the past two days, but with the Las Vegas trip and the 3 jobs, and catching up from the trip and Christmas (I am still boycotting Christmas, unlike Mr. Blue who is grudgingly participating because he "has" to ;) lol).....I am just running around crazily. Though when my trainer asks what I'm so busy with, I haven't got much of a good reason to not get my ass into the gym. I will be working on tweaking my schedule to fit the exercise in, which will be better for me, but will make me miss out on something, but it's all good.

I may not have such exciting pictures of food in the next few weeks as I've started a diet (tired of the headaches and feeling unwell, okay, so that might be related to the three jobs, but let's ignore that part for now) under medical supervision with Dr. Bruce Katsura of Pacific PureLipo. Check out for more information or just ask me. So all I'm eating right now is protein, yup, just protein. Yup, I made those delicious looking pizzelles and didn't eat a single one (and I plan to make 4 more batches tonight...sleep? What's that??). Down about 15 pounds in 3 weeks.

Look in the November month for all my posts and pictures that I had on my Blackberry all this time.

Have a wonderful, safe and warm Christmas day and I will be happily sleeping in.

<3, poha

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pizzelle alle nocciole

Poha is cooking again! I bet these taste as good as they smell and look. Chocolate hazelnut pizzelles. I haven't taste tested one due to the "no carb" diet I'm on. Yes, the holidays are a bad time to start dieting, but better now than never! But, man, I really, really, REALLY wish I could taste one. Crazy willpower. Or just crazy. But ya gotta love me!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Marukai - Spicy Tuna Cone Sushi - 12/2/09

I found this in the cold case section at Marukai. Three little inari zushi (cone sushi, called so because the brown wrapper (fried tofu) is sometimes cone shaped), filled with sushi rice and topped with spicy tuna and green onions. Zomg! What a great idea! It was sweet and spicy, balanced just right, and three of these hit the spot for lunch. I don't always see them available so it probably sells out quickly.