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Whole30 Grocery Shopping in Honolulu

I can’t stress enough to read your labels. Even I still need to practice this when I shop. Manufacturer’s change their formulas all the time, so what might be a compliant packaged product today, may not be tomorrow, or next week. This catches me as well, so I just want to save you some hassle of having to return something! Look for allergy warnings, such as CONTAINS SOY / WHEAT. The only tricky one is sulfites, as long as in the ingredients it says CONTAINS SULFITES, but there is no sulfite ingredient (such as potassium sulfite/metabisulfite etc), the food is OK. It’s best to avoid, but we do our best to stay within our budget. We can’t do all our shopping at Whole Foods/Down To Earth (but I do admit, it makes shopping easier on Whole30, but costs about two to three times as much), so if you have to Google a lot of chemically sounding ingredients, you do it (I did it! And I still do!) I have pricing on here, but please don’t complain to me if they’re off since these are based off

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