Saturday, October 31, 2009

The End of the Cup

This was too funny (scary? gross?) not to share. I'll sort out the pictures & blog entries tomorrow. And no, I wasn't brave enough to drink the "coffee" on the bottom of the cup.

Balinese Coffee

My friends went to Bali for a wedding & brought me back coffee! It's a coffee powder (not instant)....the package is really nice as well!

So here's the powdery stuff. Smells heavenly, as Arabica beans do!

And here's the finished product. I poured most of it into my thermal mug (after adding sweetener & creamer). I guess this is why they say to let the grounds settle. But I'm a coffee fiend and love it!! Also need it as I've had 3.5 hours of sleep.

Have an awesome (and safe) Halloween! <3 ~ poha

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Gift Foundation - A Vanity Fair @ The Edge of Waikiki

I will be here tonight, indulging in heavy pupus and drink (I promise I'm not going to embarass anyone, but I don't guarantee I won't fall down). Pictures to follow after the weekend.  Thanks Mr. B!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Paina Cafe - Jobo's & Ahi Nicoise Sandwich

This is Paina Cafe's Jobo's Goteburg Sausage Musubi. It's not listed on the menu, but is one of the regular specials offered (see the little hanging wihite signs above the register). It's $2.99 for three of these. Just ask for a "Jobo's"!

This another one of my favorites - the ahi nicoise sandwich with the ahi seared. It's got an olive tapenade, balsamic vinaigrette, hard boiled egg, roasted red peppers, lettuce on a ten-grain hoagie bun. Ask them for extra dressing and to leave the sandwich whole. You can also ask for the ahi grilled and cooked all the way through (never tried it that way).

I'm not eating ALL of this, the sandwish is more than enough without getting chips or soup. I got the Jobo's for one of my co-workers, and since I had it, I took a picture of it :) <3 ~ poha

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Keurig Coffee

I realize that I've mentioned that I love coffee a few times, and anyone who knows me, knows I really love it. As I've been told, it's the "socially acceptable addiction". With the prevalence of Shitbucks on every street corner (you know they have so many locations to eliminate the line of people waiting for their order), it's almost a given that everyone drinks it (yet surprisingly many people are still hold outs, but that's OK, leaves more for me).

My dealer of choice is Keurig. It's a single cup coffee system, but  it uses these little plastic, non-eco friendly, non-recyclable K-cups that will dispense a short, regular or long pull of cofee (6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz, I think) for about $0.50-0.60 a K-cup. Details on how it works are on the above website, but I just love this machine. There's only your cup to wash, ever! A single hot, fresh cup of coffee is just a pop and click away.  Yum.

The best deals on the K-cups are at Macy's when you use your card for an additional 20% off, but I like buying from the website where they offer free shipping (even to Hawaii) and free samples and a ginormous variety of coffees. They also sell tea and cocoa for you non-coffee people.

Char Hung Sut

I got up disgustingly early (for me) and headed into Chinatown to my favorite manapua place called Char Hung Sut. It's on 64 N. Pauahi Street (phone: 538-3335) to get goodies to celebrate B&B's birthday on Monday.  Char Hung Sut is closed Tuesdays and open at 5.30am so they tend to sell out quickly. Remember, the chinese mustard isn't free (5 cents a container) so order it when you order everything else so they can toss it in the box for you then wrap it up in that plastic rope that never seems to run out.

This is yap chai (3 different types) - I have never had this before but the chinese grandma said it's very good so how could I resist? It's a steamed rice concoction with different fillings wrapped in a leaf. The bottom is the layered rice cake - lovely, sweet, sticky yummy layers (though when I was a kid, I could've sworn that was ONE piece, and not two....Ah, these tough economic times we live in) that you peel and eat one layer at a time. OK, you don't *really* eat it that way, but I'm still a kid at heart so I do.

This is my personal favorite - mai tai soo. It's got the water chestnut, barbeque pork filling but it's in a flakey pie-crust type of shell and baked, not steamed. If you're not a fan of half moons and pepeiau, don't get this (I didn't get any because no one else likes that water chestnut filling). Add some hot chinese mustard sauce and nom nom nom nom.

Your "standard" steamed manapua (also known as char siu bao, steamed pork buns). I like the filling, all barbeque pork. None of that green onions or water chestnut or anything else crap. Straight shredded piggy. Lots of fluffy white dough and the gratuitous paper that won't come off. If you need to reheat, wrap in a damp paper towel and microwave for a minute or so, until hot.

And the boys' favorite. Pork hash. Plain pork in a won ton wrapper (I think) and steamed. Onolicious. Eating 4 of these in about 10 minutes is quite easy to do. Not that I did that for breakfast just 5 minutes ago. (looks innocent). Really, I only bought two dozen...... HA HA.

12.15pm - I ate one of them yap chais, the one with a single red dot. It was sweet rather than savory, a little sweet mochi (glutinous) rice filled with a chinese style coconut paste (think of them coconut candies...) Yum!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sucking Wind.....

Since I've been busy celebrating birthday month, I haven't been at the gym much. I saw Aaron, my personal trainer @ the Honolulu Club, for the first time in two weeks. His surprise today was a field trip outside to run (HAHAHAHAHA...shiiiiit) so yeah, I was sucking wind. It didn't help that I ate my poke bowl early around 11.30 in the morning and decided I was hungry and scarfed a Fiber One bar at 5.00pm, half an hour before our session. Walked, jogged for one block (*I* happen to think it was a really big block...), then walked more. 20 pushups, scissor kicks and V-sits to finish it all off. I'm pooped. I need to eat less and cardio more. *sigh* I have to revisit the karate class thing (sorry, kyo sa nim) to see if it will fit into my goals.

Kirin Milk Tea

Jury's still out on this one. Not sure I like it, but I'm still drinking it. Tastes like English black tea with (duh) milk and sugar. Another Japanese invention. I'd rather have their cookies.

Paina Cafe - Poke Bowl

Paina Cafe - Home of the original (and best) poke bowls. Okay, so I'm a little biased because I work there, but they really are awesome.

This is our small poke bowl - brown rice, spicy sauce, limu ahi poke. All for $4.95! I get a spoon because everything is bite-sized and you can scoop up every last yummy bite!

Poke (poh-keh) is usually a blend of raw fish cubes mixed with a blend of hawaiian salt, sesame oil, onions - what this blend is depends on the type of poke and the chef. Sorry, I've honestly no clue what goes into ours. Limu is Hawaiian for seaweed. There are tons of different types and this one makes the poke crunchy. Ahi is tuna.

Pardon the Dust!

I purchased my own domain ( so please be patient while the domain name propagates. I *think* and the new domain should both work, but who knows if I've got the settings correct. I'll check it in a few days. <3 ~ poha

Bale Sandwiches & Bakery

Chocolate croissant. As if the regular ones weren't unhealthy enough, Bale tops this one with slivered almonds and powdered sugar. I'm not sure if they roll the chocolate into the dough or if they slice it and add it after baking (I see a cut in the croissant). It really doesn't matter because it's delicious. They also have almond and plain ones as well.

Note: you can't get this at the sandwich shops (those are franchises), you can only get this from the bakery on Kam Highway OR if you go to one of the farmers' markets. I know for sure they're at Fort Street Mall Tuesday/Friday mornings, Ward Warehouse Tuesday mornings and at KCC Saturday mornings.

Excuse me while I have a moment with my cup of coffee. I completely demolished one....yum. Food coma.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Coco Ichibanya Curry House

Chicken katsu curry + gyoza + cheddar cheese with rice & fukujinzuke. It's "fast food" Japanese curry (I think it's a franchise), but I like it. And for $9....yum!

Geisha Chocolates By Fazer

This is my absolute favorite chocolate bar - milk chocolate with a creamy hazelnut filling. Then again, after macadamia nuts, hazelnuts (filberts) are my favorites. Nom nom nom...

Lush Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze

I stopped by Lush on my way home to get more "Catastrophe Cosmetic" face mask (has fresh blueberries for a calming effect) and ended up buying two more shampoo bars and a hair treatment called Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze. OMG! It does what it says it will! I used probably half of what the directions said (whole pot for long/thick hair) but at $20.95 for the pot, I wasn't about to use it all in one shot. I left it on for about 2 hours because I was setting up this blog and Facebooking, whereupon my hair got "crunchy" because the goop hardened. It washed out easily with Lush's "Ultimate Shine" shampoo bar and I didn't need additional conditioner. A quick dry with my FHI dryer and voila! NO FRIZZ. I've been having issues since my hair is chunky layered and highlighted and blow dried every day (yeah, yeah, I know it's bad, but my hair looks like crap when it's not blow dried). I put a little extra TEENY TINY bit of "Fluff-Eaze" as a leave-in conditioner after styling and it's looking pretty darned good! The smell is a little strong, but we'll see if it's strong enough for anyone to remark about.

My current Lush favorites (look them up at
- Dark Angel (charcoal sugar scrub)
- Catastrophe Cosmetic (clay + blueberry facial mask)
- Celestial (facial lotion - putting this on after Catastrophe makes me smell like blueberry yogurt!)
- Shampoo Bar (anyone but I have tried Karma Komba, Ultimate Shine, Godiva - I can imagine these are great for trips)
- Jasmin and Henna Fluff-Eaze (deep conditioning treatment)

No, I don't work for them (I prolly should, I'd get a discount), but I really enjoy their products. Take a look into the store (once you get past the punch in the head scent) and you'll be surprised by an eco-friendly cosmetic company with lovely organic, natural, sometimes vegan products, that smell AWESOME and work great.