Sucking Wind.....

Since I've been busy celebrating birthday month, I haven't been at the gym much. I saw Aaron, my personal trainer @ the Honolulu Club, for the first time in two weeks. His surprise today was a field trip outside to run (HAHAHAHAHA...shiiiiit) so yeah, I was sucking wind. It didn't help that I ate my poke bowl early around 11.30 in the morning and decided I was hungry and scarfed a Fiber One bar at 5.00pm, half an hour before our session. Walked, jogged for one block (*I* happen to think it was a really big block...), then walked more. 20 pushups, scissor kicks and V-sits to finish it all off. I'm pooped. I need to eat less and cardio more. *sigh* I have to revisit the karate class thing (sorry, kyo sa nim) to see if it will fit into my goals.


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