Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Butter Horn & Bear Claw - The Patisserie

Okay, by now, you've probably figured I have an addiction to bread things.  As well as cookies.  Cookies or bread, cookies or bread....Hmm....I think it depends on the time of day and my mood.  Luckily, both go well with coffee. Nom nom nom.

I should have eaten my Cheerios with vanilla soy milk, but hey, this looked way better, what do you think? ;)

It's called a butter horn and it's all buttery sweet goodness.  I suppose I should have cut it open to show you the inside, but I scarfed it in seconds along with my coffee.  Now this puppy is about 6 inches big so it's not a delicate little pastry, but it is light and fluffy.  I taste the butter, cinnamon and those crunchy little blobs which are probably sugar and butter!

Being the pig that I am (eyes are bigger than the stomach....), I did get another pastry:

This is a bear claw, see the little claws at the top of the picture?  They flute the pastry so it looks like that.  Sliced almonds decorate the pastry and inside is an almond paste (not quite marzipan, but definitely not almond butter). I like it, but today, it was just not as yummy as the butter horn.  I must have needed my daily dose of saturated fat.  And yes, I should have cut them in half and only eaten half of each, but I really enjoy these tummyaches afterwards ;)  Hot coffee with Splenda and cream usually helps moments like these (I think it gets the fat moving towards my hips).

Friday, October 8, 2010

Spanish Rolls

Okay, here in Hawaii, as it is a gigantic melting pot of different cultures, we have this "thing" where we take something and change it or call it something different.  I'm not sure if I should call it "bastardization" because it's really not, it's just what we do here, you know, dakine.  It took me all day with my Facebook friends' help (and some not so helpful) to figure out what this is called (thank you, Dy and your orb fetish! xox).  I suppose it's a fault of mine as well, I never got the name of it, but I can tell you that I've eaten it before and it's delicious and where to get it.  If it's good, and it's not organs or slimy or funky smelling, I'll eat it.

I bought this from the Tuesday Fort Street Mall Farmers' Market after visiting with the family and on my way to my chiropractor appointment.  I know it's some filipino thing because I got it from the filipino lady.  It was next to the pan de sal, ensemadas, bibinka, calamungai...You get the picture.  This bag wasn't labeled, but I knew it was that yummy sweet bread with the buttery crunchy bottom.  Yup, sure was.  It reminds me of the pan de sal bread because it's got the bread crumbs, but the dough is obviously slathered with butter and sugar and rolled up into it's fluffly deliciousness.  The bottom is slightly crispy due to the caramelization of the sugar.  There were six of these puppies in the bag for $2.25, and I ate them all.  And I'm going back for more next Tuesday.  If I don't get the Hong Kong buns instead (that's another post....)

Monday, August 30, 2010

More Island Gourmet Bread pictures

On the top, meat lovers calzone (pepperoni, sausage, ham, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses). On the bottom, jalapeno pepperoni (real live jalapenos! It was a little too spicy for me, even when I avoided the ones with large chunks of peppers....)

Ahi Poke - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Y'all know how biased I am with my poke, but this was really delicious.  It's like Paina Cafe's hot shoyu ahi poke with limu (seaweed) in it. But it's different limu, it's more purple.  I'm not enough of a limu connoisseur to be able to tell you which one is which, I just like good food!  This and some hot rice and two ice cold beers (yes, I actually drank draft beer) and I was so happy and relaxed after a long, somewhat stressful and most definitely irritating day at my part-time job.  Maybe it was the two beers in half an hour, but hey, I was in a great mood so who really cares how I got there? :) Poke, rice, beer - food happiness trifecta!  (Oh, and the ribeye steak with mushrooms and onions wasn't half bad either!)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pipeline Pizza Bread

Pipeline pizza bread from Hawaii's Gourmet Breads (at least I think that's the name).  They have a little booth at the Fort Street Mall Farmers' Market Tuesday mornings when my family is there selling vegetables.  I tend to get there early in the morning before the signs are up.  I found this because my aunt said to try one of their calzones, and I needed breakfast so I picked up "The Pipeline" on the salesman's recommendation.  Wow, fresh bread, at least two different types of cheeses (mozzarella and cheedar), ham, salami and pepperoni.  I think it's the bread that makes this really delicious; it's soft yet chewy and slightly herbed.  I toss it in the microwave for about a minute.  They sell half a calzone for $5, so it's a bit on the pricey side, but it really works for two meals; I split it with my colleague and it is a great breakfast for both of us.
Note: try to get the fresh ones.  The day old ones are "okay" but they're not as yummy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Safeway Artisan Sandwiches

Check this out. It's from Safeway (yes, the grocery store!!). It's a foccacia bread filled with sun dried tomato pesto, spinach, fresh mozzarella and fresh tomatoes. I think it's a bit pricey at $6.99 for a small sandwich (about 4" square) but I do get away with eating half and some chips or pretzels so it does stretch.  I haven't tried any other sandwiches because I absolutely love fresh mozzarella and the sun dried tomato pesto.  I think there is something else as well, but I can't figure it out.  Try it and let me know your thoughts!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Katsu hot dog & furikake fries - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Kanpai Bar & Grill serves lunch!  Not just kim chee steak and Hello Kitty (let's not discuss that right now, maybe in a few weeks when Mr. & Mrs. Bumblebootie come to down).

If you become a fan of their page on Facebook, you'll receive the daily specials in their news feed.  This lovely looking dish was one such special:

It is a katsu hot dog with furikake fries.  Katsu has become a Japanese catch-all phrase for something floured, dipped in egg and rolled in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) then deep fried, leaving whatever it is nice and crispy.  This is a KATSU hot dog.  Well, it's a polish dog.  Poha's family has an ancient Japanese secret recipe for katsu sauce which includes Heinz 57 ketchup (not catsup), shoyu (soy sauce), A-1 sauce, worcester sauce and sugar.  So, Kanpai did the OMG and fried this polish dog, made a yummy katsu sauce with sriracha (aka Rooster sauce, spicy thai/vietnamese chili sauce) and topped it with more chilis.  I removed those, I am a wuss when it comes to heat.  I sniffle when I eat Paina Cafe's spicy tuna.  The hot dog was SO good, I was a complete pig and ate both.  The fries were "okay", how much more exciting can Ore-Ida frozen fries be?  Maybe if they melted a bit of butter with some garlic, tossed the fries THEN put furikake... MMMM, at least so the nori and sesame seeds would have stuck.  It was a hefty $10, but really, I should have split it into lunch and dinner rather than scarfing both dogs. Hahaha :)

But yes, if I see this bad boy in my news feed, I am walking over there.  Sorry, cute Nathan's hot dog girl, this is WAY better!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Blue Beer

I really don't like beer or any malt-based drink for that matter (even Zima).  But Wild Blue Beer and the Belgian Peche Lambic are two beers that I tolerate well.  The Wild Blue is 8% alcohol and seeing as I usually drink one in about 10 minutes, it pretty well fucks me up for a while.  I've only managed to get through one because the end starts to taste like....well...BEER!  Give me some tequila or Bailey's Irish Cream any day. :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

BLT Steak - Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki

Located in the Trump International Hotel on Saratoga Road, is BLT Steak.  My cousin and I took his mom out for dinner for her birthday.  The menu sounds yummy so we thought we'd try it.  My personal trainer and one other person said it's great food so definitely worth checking out.

The decor was beautiful and the service was outstanding.  I would go back there just for the service!  We started out with some complimentary chicken pate.  Mind you, I do not eat organs, but hey, I will try it.  My cousin, the anti-vegetable (anti-healthy) person, even tried it.  Yup, that's all we did... TRY it.  Quite mineral-y as Andrew Zimmern (Mr. Wussy-I-can't-eat-Spam-because-of-the-texture) would say.  The brioche bread was nice as well.  We did get the famous popovers, complete with recipe, which my aunt quickly snatched up and squirreled away in her purse (it really didn't look remarkable), but YUM, check this out:

A big warm hug in the form of a bread, served with butter and rock salt (I did without the salt).  Much, much better than Mariposa at Neiman Marcus.  Cold popovers is dirtying a plate just to dirty it.

If you checked out the link for BLT Steak at the top, you'll notice they have a simple, but complete menu.  Complete meaning if you wanted fish, they have it, steak, etc.  They also had a prix fixe menu which had an appetizer, entree, side and dessert for $60.  My aunt and I chose this while my cousin chose the wagyu.

I got the iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese.  I should have written it down or taken the menu, the prix fixe choices aren't on the web menu.  It was very nice!  The blue cheese was strong, but Aunty had warned me that brand was.  I kind of had to fight with the lettuce to get it on the fork (not sure if it was me (too tired), the iceberg lettuce (too flat?) or the probably very expensive fork (not pointy enough?)) so I gave up 2/3 of the way through it.  It had bacon, radishes, grape tomatoes and a faintly ranch tasting dressing.

On the right is Aunty's appetizer off the prix fixe menu, clams.  WOW, they were good, lightly seasoned so you could still taste the clams but very flavorful.  On the left is cousin's appetizer: BACON.  Yup, three giant, thick slices of bacon with some sort of green pesto or chimichurri sauce.  And here's where it starts to go downhill.  The green sauce was extremely salty.  I figured it out because my salad had some plain bacon and it was just fine, if a bit tough.

Then came the entrees.  Cousin's wagyu came sliced with more green sauce.  My 14 oz ribeye (this was the only steak choice on the prix fixe menu, I wasn't that hungry) came with a hoisin type sauce and little potatoes on the side.  Aunty got the scallops with some little crab wontons.  For sides, we had hen of the woods (maitake) mushrooms, polenta topped with bacon and mushrooms, potato gratin (chunks of potatoes with different cheeses) and spicy barbeque corn.



The white disc is an herbed butter with rock salt.

Our steaks were more medium rare than medium, but that's okay.  My ribeye was actually tough and chewy.  Every entree was salty.  Very, very salty.  I came away feeling like I had eaten a ton of MSG (I sorely hope they don't put MSG in their food), but the chef doing the sauces was extremely heavy handed with the salt.  We came away with 50% of our food in doggy bags because of the salt.

Dessert was a nice non-salty end to the meal.  We got profiteroles (what is that? was it called that?  I forget, but that's what I'm calling them until I am corrected), WARM YUMMY CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE DELICIOUSNESS!!!!  There is a reason this blog is called less than three cookies because I heart cookies.


I immediately shoved the whole thing in my mouth, which may have been a really bad thing if it wasn't so good.

Cousin's peanut butter chocolate mouse with banana ice cream:

He didn't share, but he quietly snarfed the whole thing.  He said he couldn't taste the banana in the ice cream until the last bite.

My oatmeal cookie with rum raisin sundae:

Yes, I picked out all the raisins.  It was a little rich with the glob of caramel at the bottom but I did my best.

Aunty's key lime tart with white chocolate sauce, dragon fruit (the pink stuff) and pineapples:

I don't really like tart, I'm a chocolate girl. This was "okay" but more sweet than tart.  I tried a dragon fruit, it tasted like watery watermelon with kiwi seeds.  This is NOT a fruit to eat on a date.  All those little seeds ended up in my teeth.  Ick.

I am still undecided if I will go back.  I think I will, but at about $100/head without alcohol, it's a little steep for a salt lick.  I may go for a special occasion and ask for low salt and see what happens.  The awesome service, popovers and profiteroles are enough to make me want to definitely try the bar/lounge area out.

If you go, I hope you have the wonderful experience my trainer did.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Paina Cafe - Jobo's

Another yummy treat from Paina Cafe. This is Jobo's Goteburg Musubi or "Jobo's" for short. It's Kauai's version of the spam musubi.  They now serve it with brown rice if you ask.  Gotegurb sausage (which is from Germany), rice and fukikake.  So simple!  3 of these little things for $2.99 (or was it $3.99...oops).  They go great with my favorite cup of soup!  Foodie J tells me he cooks this for his family with eggs and rice (instead of portuguese sausage).  Sounds delish to me.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Five Things I'm Thinking Right Now

I saw this from my friend's blog and thought it'd be a cool exercise.

Then I really thought about it and figured out most of what I think shouldn't even be said out loud, let alone blogged for the whole world and their mom and heaven forbid, MY mom to read, then again, my mom thinks I'm absolutely crazy so it might be okay!  Next, a small portion of content could be shared with certain people and what little is left over would have been on the list but really, who wants to know about my laundry, the taste of poke in my mouth, how nice my hair is, the need for a shower and the persistent zit beneath my nose.  Really.

**Edited at 9:48PM** Okay, maybe it's not the first five things that pop into your head, but maybe the exercise was "discuss" five things you're thinking about admist the 100000 thoughts that go through your head at any random time.  Still, not sharing.  :)  There's a Zen mediation saying "think no thought." Muddle that one out.  Wait, that's thinking a thought. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!  Yup, Poha needs sleep.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

These are the best pre-made cookies I have ever eaten.  And trust me, any chance I get to try a chocolate chip cookie, I do!  I love chocolate chip cookies so much, I'll even eat bad ones.  Bad cake, bad bread, I can pass on, but I always end up finishing the cookies.  I wonder what their allure is.

For these Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, it's the oven that makes them yummy (so I'm told, I haven't gotten my hands on the batter to test that statement).  The hotel I work at sells these through room service and once in a while, us lowly workers are fortunate enough to steal, I mean, obtain some of these cookies (usually when we're at meetings).  Lovely, lovely dark chocolate chips (no nuts), just the right amount of soft versus crunchy.  You can also order them through in gift baskets.  I sent a friend one for his birthday (I didn't know they were Otis S.) and he was just ecstatic about them.  I had forgotten he loves cookies as much as me.  I don't think he shared any of these, maybe some of the other flavors.

So either order yourself some through 1-800Flowers or find somewhere that bakes them!  They are well worth the hassle.

Coco Puffs - Liliha Bakery

OMG I am the bomb-diggity, yet a total dork!  Here I was feeling guilty that I haven't posted in months, but I had a ton of postings sitting as drafts so all I need to do is upload them.  No, I haven't been fasting all this time, but just busy and tired and more busy and tired and wasting time on Restaurant City and now Frontierville.  But enough excuses, I have a blog and I need to fill it with mindless blatherings.  Thanks for sticking with me and I promise to be better.

Here is one of my childhood and all time favorite break-the-diet dessert.  It's called a Coco Puff from Liliha Bakery.

It's a pate a choux dough filled with chocolate pudding and topped with chantilly frosting.  It's not a typical cream puff where the baked dough is crunchy.  It's an ooey gooey puddle of deliciousness.  Chantilly frosting is a Hawaii thing, it's the German chocolate cake frosting, but without the coconut.  Take a bite and suck out some of the pudding (unless you like wearing it, which is certainly appropriate in some situations!) before you continue noshing the puff.  I recommend you become a fan of Liliha Bakery on Facebook.  Shantel (I can't remember her name, but it's similar to mine) always has wonderful, upbeat little snippets throughout the day (and sometimes night) and great pictures of all the goodies.  I also recommend that you visit Liliha Bakery and get a dozen Coco Puffs.  You'll eat one and keep eating.  And if you don't, I will take any leftovers!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wraps & Rolls Hawaii

It was an absolutely beautiful day when I went to Wraps and Rolls Hawaii.  This was on February 10, 2010, so yes, I'm still behind on my blogging. ;)  It was sunny, blue skies without a cloud to be seen, about 70 or 72 degrees (about 21-22C for you Euros) and breezy so it made the LONG walk (I'm talking a good long block from the Bank of Hawaii on Ward Avenue to Ward Centre) absolutely wonderful.  Days like this make me so happy to live in Hawaii and cement the fact why tourism is our number one industry.  I have lived all across the United States and have never encountered a day so "perfect" as that day.

Ward Shopping Center is having a promotion until February 28th where participating merchants offer $5 Meal Deals so I thought I'd try the 2 wraps for $5.  I got the Teri-Spam wrap and the California Turkey wrap.  Each wrap is made with lettuce, rice noodles and fillings wrapped in rice paper (think summer roll, but sans shrimp and mint).  The Teri-Spam wrap (I eat Spam and I love it, MMMM) is a few chunks of Spam with a light teriyaki sauce, cucumber and furikake, served with a sweet mayo sesame dressing.  The California Turkey is deli turkey meat, bacon (YUM!!), tomatoes, avocado (double YUM!!) and cucumber, with ranch dressing.  While waiting for my wraps, the menu item "Jicama Sticks - aka "UN-FRIES") intrigued me, I like jicama in California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad so what the hey....I needed to taste-test the creamy wasabi dressing anyways.

OMG, these wraps were delish!  I could only eat one for lunch, that's how nicely filled they are.  I think they could probably get away with less rice noodles for a less carbohydrate-packed wrap, but it was wow.  Something so simple yet so delicious.  I kind of got tired of the jicama sticks about halfway through so I would have been happy with the half portion for half the price.

I went a little late, about 1:30PM, and the place was deserted.  Please don't let another fabulous "secret" die away and go support them.  They also have a LONG list of soda floats, shakes and smoothies which will be perfect to have once the weather warms up in the summertime.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kochi Restaurant & Lounge

I went to Kochi for dinner with my aunt and cousin. It's located at 1936 South King Street, right next to Jimbo's. It was okay, nothing spectacular. The menu did offer many choices, including the typical two or three choice dinner combinations. We tried the hash balls, and true to form, they were corned beef hash rolled in panko flakes (Japanese bread crumbs) and deep fried and served with a spicy cheese sauce. It honestly was not that impressive as it tasted like canned hash and processed cheese spread.
My aunt & cousin got the 3 choice with various entrees (tempura, steak, salmon). I opted for the furikake mahimahi which came only as an entree so I ordered a shiso musubi (perilla leaf rice ball) on the side. The portion size was huge, 3 fillets of mahi. I was pretty disappointed as the "furikake" was only sprinkled on top and not incorporated into the panko crust. Everything was on the salty side, but tasty. I think if I go back, it will be just for drinks and pupus and not for dinner.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Corn Croquette - Marukai

Occassionally, Marukai will have specialty vendors come in and share their goodies with us. This is a Japanese style corn croquette. I think it's made with potatoes (mashed or pureed) and corn (or other things like bacon, cheese, tako (octopus), shrimp....), then breaded with panko and fried. I got two of these for about $2, so a bit pricey but a nice treat since it's not always available.

I had this with my Paina Cafe tomato bisque. Oh my! YUM! Especially on these cold Hawaiian days (yes, yes, 60F/20C is not cold to the rest of the world, but it is to us! Live here for a few years, you'll see what I mean).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fried Chicken & Lumpia - 2/2/10

I went downtown this morning to mail a package and I've always seen this shop (there was no sign, but it's on Bishop Street mauka (towards the mountain) of Salad Creations, I'm sure there's a sign on the Fort Street Mall side).

What made me stop was seeing these HUGE pieces of chicken in the warmers! So I had to check it out. The filipino nana said she made it (of course!) along with the lumpia. I am a sucker for fried chicken, probably a throwback to my little kid days and my Aunty Hazel's fried chicken, eating it cold the next day with a nori-wrapped musubi (rice ball). So I bought one piece of chicken and 2 lumpia, for a grand total of $2.75! I told her it was too cheap and gave her a dollar tip.

This is an 8 inch plate I have the chicken on, that is how big it is. The chicken is cooked through, juicy and crispy, simply seasoned with just salt and maybe a little pepper. What is "lumpia"? Basically, a deep fried roll, and it can be savory or sweet. This is savory, filled with rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, pork and spices which I can't identify. Each household will have their own recipe. The filling is cooked first, cooled, then wrapped in a lumpia wrapper (readily available). I kind of miss the spicy chili vinegar garlic shoyu sauce that goes with it but YUM it's okay. Really, it's okay. :) The sweet ones usually have bananas and brown sugar in them.

The next time I go into town, I'll find out the name of this place and edit the post.

Now me and my fried breakfast need a little privacy. Nom nom nom.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Patisserie - Pastries!

I love to "buy local" and the Patisserie is a long time staple in Honolulu.  Everything is made here daily.  I bought a glazed donut, a plain croissant, apple turnover, apple fritter, blueberry scone, butterhorn, buttermilk donut (and not seen here, a chocolate muffin... I wonder where it went...) and it cost about $10.50.  A nice, affordable treat for the office and very nice with a hot cup of coffee.

OMG this was funny - don't read if you are easily offended....

Being Asian in Hawaii is a piece of cake, but being Asian on the mainland presents challenges, especially when I never saw myself as a "minority" and then realizing on top of that, that I'm not truly Asian.  Not thinking of myself as "Japanese" is probably a big reason why I never learned Japanese in school and instead opted for Spanish (okay, okay, so I had a crush on Ricky Martin when he was in Menudo).  Coupled with the fact that I was raised to think of myself as American, not "Asian-American," by my grandfather (I am one of the few yonsei (4th generation) who does not have a Japanese middle name).

This blog post is old, but absolutely hilarious.... I think I fall between a YAP and a Fobabee... seriously, one day I will learn Japanese and speak it with a totally American accent.  Do not say I'm a TAB..... Grrr.  My favorite phrase is sumimasen, nihongo wakarimasen, which, of course, is "I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese."  And please don't ever ask me for directions in a foreign language, I will point you the wrong way with the most adorable smile.

Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Not Delivery...It's DiGiorno!

I like pizza, I wouldn't say "love" it, but it's a good thing.  I think I don't love it because when I have one, it takes me days to finish it, and when it's done, I'm well over it!  I bought this lovely gem from WalMart for $5 and change - DiGiorno Garlic Bread Pepperoni Pizza.  Yes, it was as good as it looks!  I baked it according to the crispy crust instructions, and it came out great crispy-crunchy-ooeey-goodness, but now I will have to clean my oven rack of the burnt on cheese (that's what Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are for!).  It really was a good pizza and for the price, it can't be beat.  Maybe next time, I'll get the single sized portion, unless someone wants to share it with me.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Perugina - Baci Chocolate

Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE hazelnut chocolate? Pretty much any hazelnut chocolate....Geisha by Fazer, Ferrero Roche, Drom-a-Dairy from Dan's Chocolates, anything with "gianduja" and this... Baci by Perugina. This is an Italian chocolatier and "baci" means "kisses" in Italian. It's a dark chocolate with a whole hazelnut nipple on the top (HEY, that's what it looks like, doesn't it?) and a crunchy hazelnut filling. I usually prefer milk chocolate with hazelnuts, but this is SO yummy. I make an exception (four actually...) For this dark. I love that this "kiss" also comes with a little waxed parchment with a quote about love. And yes, I save these as well as my fortunes from fortune cookies.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diem Cafe - 1/13/10

Aaahhh my favorite (or second favorite?? it is the closest to my office....) vietnamese place is participating in Ward Centre's $5 Meal Deals. This was $5.20 (with tax) for the Rolls Combo - summer rolls (transparent wrapper - rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts), spring rolls (fried wrapper on the bottom - rice noodles, carrots, mushrooms) and chicken crepes (yellow rolls - tastes like a curry crepe, a little sweet with chicken and bean sprouts). In the portion cups, the left one is a peanut sauce and the right one is a spicy sweet chili sauce. It comes with more rice noodles, carrots and cucumbers as a garnish. I recommend not wasting valuable stomach real estate eating the garnish first (like I did). It's nice and light with a little bit of spicy bite - and a lot of food for $5!!!

Kyoto Matcha Cake

This is a typical Japanese cake called "castella". It's not a too sweet, yellow cake that pairs well with coffee or genmaicha (brown rice tea). This cake is extra special because my friend Tal brought it all the way from Japan for me, as an "omiyage" (little gift) for letting him crash with me. Oh yes, and it's matcha (fine powdered green tea) flavored and it has miniature chocolate chips!!! It was delicious. I'm restraining myself from eating any more, I am trying to be nice and share with my office. But wow, it's really, really good.... Maybe just a little piece.....

I wanted to show how nicely Japanese omiyage always comes (you buy it in the store this way). It's neatly tied up in a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) and ready to carry.  This is a great way to carry your bento (lunch box) or any gifts, and the furoshiki can be reused.  Even tiny Japanese candies and chocolates will come individually wrapped in the prettiest ways, it's mind-boggling that there are people who do this for a living!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tootsie Roll

Poha can mix as well as cook! Kahlua (yes, the coffee liquor) and orange juice make a seriously tasty liquid Tootsie Roll (an American chocolatey taffy type candy). I promise! Have I steered you wrong? C'mon.... 1 ounce Kahlua over ice, top with OJ, stir. Or shake. My cup is a little too big for a shaker :D a straw is a nice garnish for this lovely beverage.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Starbucks Mini Donuts - 1/8/10

Yes, I actually went to the evil empire (there's a story behind this, but you will have to be a close friend to know the story :) ). I got a gift card for Christmas and since I had to get up at 4.15AM to work at the hotel, I decided to treat myself to a nonfat latte. These little treats were in the case screaming "eat me!!!" so the nice person that I am, I gave in. They look like they would be too sweet with the glaze and the rock sugar, but the donut itself is a cake-style so it's not very sweet and well, cake like (a bit drier and not greasy like the fried ones) and it matched quite nicely. I think it was close to $3.00 for these 3, but it was a treat and prices are about 10% higher in Waikiki. I did give one away to a colleague so I wasn't a complete pig!