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Butter Horn & Bear Claw - The Patisserie

Spanish Rolls

More Island Gourmet Bread pictures

Ahi Poke - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Pipeline Pizza Bread

Safeway Artisan Sandwiches

Katsu hot dog & furikake fries - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Wild Blue Beer

BLT Steak - Trump International Hotel & Tower Waikiki

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Five Things I'm Thinking Right Now

Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

Coco Puffs - Liliha Bakery

Wraps & Rolls Hawaii

Kochi Restaurant & Lounge

Corn Croquette - Marukai

Fried Chicken & Lumpia - 2/2/10

The Patisserie - Pastries!

OMG this was funny - don't read if you are easily offended....

It's Not Delivery...It's DiGiorno!

Perugina - Baci Chocolate

Diem Cafe - 1/13/10

Kyoto Matcha Cake

Tootsie Roll

Starbucks Mini Donuts - 1/8/10