Five Things I'm Thinking Right Now

I saw this from my friend's blog and thought it'd be a cool exercise.

Then I really thought about it and figured out most of what I think shouldn't even be said out loud, let alone blogged for the whole world and their mom and heaven forbid, MY mom to read, then again, my mom thinks I'm absolutely crazy so it might be okay!  Next, a small portion of content could be shared with certain people and what little is left over would have been on the list but really, who wants to know about my laundry, the taste of poke in my mouth, how nice my hair is, the need for a shower and the persistent zit beneath my nose.  Really.

**Edited at 9:48PM** Okay, maybe it's not the first five things that pop into your head, but maybe the exercise was "discuss" five things you're thinking about admist the 100000 thoughts that go through your head at any random time.  Still, not sharing.  :)  There's a Zen mediation saying "think no thought." Muddle that one out.  Wait, that's thinking a thought. AAAAAHHHHHH!!!  Yup, Poha needs sleep.


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