Katsu hot dog & furikake fries - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Kanpai Bar & Grill serves lunch!  Not just kim chee steak and Hello Kitty (let's not discuss that right now, maybe in a few weeks when Mr. & Mrs. Bumblebootie come to down).

If you become a fan of their page on Facebook, you'll receive the daily specials in their news feed.  This lovely looking dish was one such special:

It is a katsu hot dog with furikake fries.  Katsu has become a Japanese catch-all phrase for something floured, dipped in egg and rolled in panko (Japanese bread crumbs) then deep fried, leaving whatever it is nice and crispy.  This is a KATSU hot dog.  Well, it's a polish dog.  Poha's family has an ancient Japanese secret recipe for katsu sauce which includes Heinz 57 ketchup (not catsup), shoyu (soy sauce), A-1 sauce, worcester sauce and sugar.  So, Kanpai did the OMG and fried this polish dog, made a yummy katsu sauce with sriracha (aka Rooster sauce, spicy thai/vietnamese chili sauce) and topped it with more chilis.  I removed those, I am a wuss when it comes to heat.  I sniffle when I eat Paina Cafe's spicy tuna.  The hot dog was SO good, I was a complete pig and ate both.  The fries were "okay", how much more exciting can Ore-Ida frozen fries be?  Maybe if they melted a bit of butter with some garlic, tossed the fries THEN put furikake... MMMM, at least so the nori and sesame seeds would have stuck.  It was a hefty $10, but really, I should have split it into lunch and dinner rather than scarfing both dogs. Hahaha :)

But yes, if I see this bad boy in my news feed, I am walking over there.  Sorry, cute Nathan's hot dog girl, this is WAY better!


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