Ahi Poke - Kanpai Bar & Grill

Y'all know how biased I am with my poke, but this was really delicious.  It's like Paina Cafe's hot shoyu ahi poke with limu (seaweed) in it. But it's different limu, it's more purple.  I'm not enough of a limu connoisseur to be able to tell you which one is which, I just like good food!  This and some hot rice and two ice cold beers (yes, I actually drank draft beer) and I was so happy and relaxed after a long, somewhat stressful and most definitely irritating day at my part-time job.  Maybe it was the two beers in half an hour, but hey, I was in a great mood so who really cares how I got there? :) Poke, rice, beer - food happiness trifecta!  (Oh, and the ribeye steak with mushrooms and onions wasn't half bad either!)


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