Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies

These are the best pre-made cookies I have ever eaten.  And trust me, any chance I get to try a chocolate chip cookie, I do!  I love chocolate chip cookies so much, I'll even eat bad ones.  Bad cake, bad bread, I can pass on, but I always end up finishing the cookies.  I wonder what their allure is.

For these Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, it's the oven that makes them yummy (so I'm told, I haven't gotten my hands on the batter to test that statement).  The hotel I work at sells these through room service and once in a while, us lowly workers are fortunate enough to steal, I mean, obtain some of these cookies (usually when we're at meetings).  Lovely, lovely dark chocolate chips (no nuts), just the right amount of soft versus crunchy.  You can also order them through 1-800Flowers.com in gift baskets.  I sent a friend one for his birthday (I didn't know they were Otis S.) and he was just ecstatic about them.  I had forgotten he loves cookies as much as me.  I don't think he shared any of these, maybe some of the other flavors.

So either order yourself some through 1-800Flowers or find somewhere that bakes them!  They are well worth the hassle.


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