Fried Chicken & Lumpia - 2/2/10

I went downtown this morning to mail a package and I've always seen this shop (there was no sign, but it's on Bishop Street mauka (towards the mountain) of Salad Creations, I'm sure there's a sign on the Fort Street Mall side).

What made me stop was seeing these HUGE pieces of chicken in the warmers! So I had to check it out. The filipino nana said she made it (of course!) along with the lumpia. I am a sucker for fried chicken, probably a throwback to my little kid days and my Aunty Hazel's fried chicken, eating it cold the next day with a nori-wrapped musubi (rice ball). So I bought one piece of chicken and 2 lumpia, for a grand total of $2.75! I told her it was too cheap and gave her a dollar tip.

This is an 8 inch plate I have the chicken on, that is how big it is. The chicken is cooked through, juicy and crispy, simply seasoned with just salt and maybe a little pepper. What is "lumpia"? Basically, a deep fried roll, and it can be savory or sweet. This is savory, filled with rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, pork and spices which I can't identify. Each household will have their own recipe. The filling is cooked first, cooled, then wrapped in a lumpia wrapper (readily available). I kind of miss the spicy chili vinegar garlic shoyu sauce that goes with it but YUM it's okay. Really, it's okay. :) The sweet ones usually have bananas and brown sugar in them.

The next time I go into town, I'll find out the name of this place and edit the post.

Now me and my fried breakfast need a little privacy. Nom nom nom.


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