Spanish Rolls

Okay, here in Hawaii, as it is a gigantic melting pot of different cultures, we have this "thing" where we take something and change it or call it something different.  I'm not sure if I should call it "bastardization" because it's really not, it's just what we do here, you know, dakine.  It took me all day with my Facebook friends' help (and some not so helpful) to figure out what this is called (thank you, Dy and your orb fetish! xox).  I suppose it's a fault of mine as well, I never got the name of it, but I can tell you that I've eaten it before and it's delicious and where to get it.  If it's good, and it's not organs or slimy or funky smelling, I'll eat it.

I bought this from the Tuesday Fort Street Mall Farmers' Market after visiting with the family and on my way to my chiropractor appointment.  I know it's some filipino thing because I got it from the filipino lady.  It was next to the pan de sal, ensemadas, bibinka, calamungai...You get the picture.  This bag wasn't labeled, but I knew it was that yummy sweet bread with the buttery crunchy bottom.  Yup, sure was.  It reminds me of the pan de sal bread because it's got the bread crumbs, but the dough is obviously slathered with butter and sugar and rolled up into it's fluffly deliciousness.  The bottom is slightly crispy due to the caramelization of the sugar.  There were six of these puppies in the bag for $2.25, and I ate them all.  And I'm going back for more next Tuesday.  If I don't get the Hong Kong buns instead (that's another post....)


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