OMG this was funny - don't read if you are easily offended....

Being Asian in Hawaii is a piece of cake, but being Asian on the mainland presents challenges, especially when I never saw myself as a "minority" and then realizing on top of that, that I'm not truly Asian.  Not thinking of myself as "Japanese" is probably a big reason why I never learned Japanese in school and instead opted for Spanish (okay, okay, so I had a crush on Ricky Martin when he was in Menudo).  Coupled with the fact that I was raised to think of myself as American, not "Asian-American," by my grandfather (I am one of the few yonsei (4th generation) who does not have a Japanese middle name).

This blog post is old, but absolutely hilarious.... I think I fall between a YAP and a Fobabee... seriously, one day I will learn Japanese and speak it with a totally American accent.  Do not say I'm a TAB..... Grrr.  My favorite phrase is sumimasen, nihongo wakarimasen, which, of course, is "I'm sorry, I don't speak Japanese."  And please don't ever ask me for directions in a foreign language, I will point you the wrong way with the most adorable smile.


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