Diem Cafe - 1/13/10

Aaahhh my favorite (or second favorite?? it is the closest to my office....) vietnamese place is participating in Ward Centre's $5 Meal Deals. This was $5.20 (with tax) for the Rolls Combo - summer rolls (transparent wrapper - rice noodles, lettuce, bean sprouts), spring rolls (fried wrapper on the bottom - rice noodles, carrots, mushrooms) and chicken crepes (yellow rolls - tastes like a curry crepe, a little sweet with chicken and bean sprouts). In the portion cups, the left one is a peanut sauce and the right one is a spicy sweet chili sauce. It comes with more rice noodles, carrots and cucumbers as a garnish. I recommend not wasting valuable stomach real estate eating the garnish first (like I did). It's nice and light with a little bit of spicy bite - and a lot of food for $5!!!


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