Starbucks Mini Donuts - 1/8/10

Yes, I actually went to the evil empire (there's a story behind this, but you will have to be a close friend to know the story :) ). I got a gift card for Christmas and since I had to get up at 4.15AM to work at the hotel, I decided to treat myself to a nonfat latte. These little treats were in the case screaming "eat me!!!" so the nice person that I am, I gave in. They look like they would be too sweet with the glaze and the rock sugar, but the donut itself is a cake-style so it's not very sweet and well, cake like (a bit drier and not greasy like the fried ones) and it matched quite nicely. I think it was close to $3.00 for these 3, but it was a treat and prices are about 10% higher in Waikiki. I did give one away to a colleague so I wasn't a complete pig!


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