Perugina - Baci Chocolate

Have I mentioned I absolutely LOVE hazelnut chocolate? Pretty much any hazelnut chocolate....Geisha by Fazer, Ferrero Roche, Drom-a-Dairy from Dan's Chocolates, anything with "gianduja" and this... Baci by Perugina. This is an Italian chocolatier and "baci" means "kisses" in Italian. It's a dark chocolate with a whole hazelnut nipple on the top (HEY, that's what it looks like, doesn't it?) and a crunchy hazelnut filling. I usually prefer milk chocolate with hazelnuts, but this is SO yummy. I make an exception (four actually...) For this dark. I love that this "kiss" also comes with a little waxed parchment with a quote about love. And yes, I save these as well as my fortunes from fortune cookies.


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