Kyoto Matcha Cake

This is a typical Japanese cake called "castella". It's not a too sweet, yellow cake that pairs well with coffee or genmaicha (brown rice tea). This cake is extra special because my friend Tal brought it all the way from Japan for me, as an "omiyage" (little gift) for letting him crash with me. Oh yes, and it's matcha (fine powdered green tea) flavored and it has miniature chocolate chips!!! It was delicious. I'm restraining myself from eating any more, I am trying to be nice and share with my office. But wow, it's really, really good.... Maybe just a little piece.....

I wanted to show how nicely Japanese omiyage always comes (you buy it in the store this way). It's neatly tied up in a furoshiki (wrapping cloth) and ready to carry.  This is a great way to carry your bento (lunch box) or any gifts, and the furoshiki can be reused.  Even tiny Japanese candies and chocolates will come individually wrapped in the prettiest ways, it's mind-boggling that there are people who do this for a living!


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