Keurig Coffee

I realize that I've mentioned that I love coffee a few times, and anyone who knows me, knows I really love it. As I've been told, it's the "socially acceptable addiction". With the prevalence of $bucks on every street corner (you know they have so many locations to eliminate the line of people waiting for their order), it's almost a given that everyone drinks it (yet surprisingly many people are still hold outs, but that's OK, leaves more for me).

My dealer of choice is Keurig. It's a single cup coffee system, but  it uses these little plastic, non-eco friendly, non-recyclable K-cups that will dispense a short, regular or long pull of cofee (6 oz, 8 oz or 10 oz, I think) for about $0.50-0.60 a K-cup. Details on how it works are on the above website, but I just love this machine. There's only your cup to wash, ever! A single hot, fresh cup of coffee is just a pop and click away.  Yum.

The best deals on the K-cups are at Macy's when you use your card for an additional 20% off, but I like buying from the website where they offer free shipping (even to Hawaii) and free samples and a ginormous variety of coffees. They also sell tea and cocoa for you non-coffee people.


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