Paina Cafe - Jobo's & Ahi Nicoise Sandwich

This is Paina Cafe's Jobo's Goteburg Sausage Musubi. It's not listed on the menu, but is one of the regular specials offered (see the little hanging wihite signs above the register). It's $2.99 for three of these. Just ask for a "Jobo's"!

This another one of my favorites - the ahi nicoise sandwich with the ahi seared. It's got an olive tapenade, balsamic vinaigrette, hard boiled egg, roasted red peppers, lettuce on a ten-grain hoagie bun. Ask them for extra dressing and to leave the sandwich whole. You can also ask for the ahi grilled and cooked all the way through (never tried it that way).

I'm not eating ALL of this, the sandwish is more than enough without getting chips or soup. I got the Jobo's for one of my co-workers, and since I had it, I took a picture of it :) <3 ~ poha


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