Journal - Day 35 of January 2018 Whole30 - non-gluten grains reintro

• Day 4: Introduce non-gluten grains Thu 2/8
Day 4: Evaluate non-gluten grains*, while keeping the rest of your diet Whole30 compliant. Eat a serving of white rice, some corn tortilla chips, and a slice of gluten-free bread, while paying attention to how you feel. Then, return to the Whole30 for the next two days, and see how things go. Pay attention, evaluate and decide how, how often and how much to incorporate non-gluten grains into your regular diet—if at all.
Examples: Corn, rice, certified gluten-free oats, quinoa, etc.  
• Days 5-6: Monitor your response  Fri/Sat 2/9-2/10

The items I chose to reintroduce are:
- Rice (lunch)
- Quinoa (breakfast)
- Corn chips in office (dinner)

I had some quinoa (almost a cup) mixed with the kale salad along with 2 eggs and guacamole this morning for breakfast. I felt tired and a little sluggish (hard to focus), and I felt like I got hungry earlier (around 10AM). Maybe because I didn't eat as much vegetables as usual.

Lunch was homemade chili, white rice (about 2 cups), and a plain side salad. The rice was so delicious! The sugar dragon definitely woke up. I ate too much, simply because I didn't want to take home the rice, so right after lunch, I felt extra full (but not bloated) and like I needed a nap.

Dinner was zoodles with homemade meatballs (last of the batch from the freezer!) and homemade marinara. I filled a small container with organic multigrain tortilla chips (corn and quinoa based). WOW, did the chip dragon wake up!! But after dinner, I was OK, and I didn't really want any more non-gluten grains.

Overall, no physical reactions to non-gluten grains. I really did like the rice,, but I know it's not necessary for my regular eating, and maybe save it for sushi days. The quinoa was just OK, so I know I can pass that up in the future. Chips were too much like a snack thing, so I will be aware if I choose to eat those in the future, and portion size. I felt a lot more full on non-gluten grains, but I didn't feel better. Maybe because it's just not as nutrient dense as vegetables.

Breakfast: quinoa, kale salad, 2 hard boiled eggs, guacamole.
Lunch: homemade chili, white rice, side salad.
Dinner: zoodles with homemade marinara and meatballs.


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