Journal - Day 31 of January 2018 Whole30

An extra day to make up for my bad start with the soy in everything!

Breakfast: Leftover root vegetables, a fried egg, Aidell's chicken apple sausage on spinach and arugula mix.
Lunch:  Confessions of a Clean Foodie's salmon nicoise. The dressing is delicious! I baked the salmon since I have no grill. Subbed grilled zucchini for cold cucumber, and left out the asparagus because it was so expensive. Find her recipe here:
Dinner: No dinner since I ate lunch late.

NSV: My stomach feels thinner.

Energy: 8
Sleep Quality: 7
Cravings: 9

I didn't feel the need to nap today. That was pretty amazing. I did a lot of dishes again! Tomorrow starts reintroduction, and I'm following the Whole30 recommendation of starting with legumes. I've packed some peanut butter to have at breakfast (as my fat) and some edamame to steam and have with my salmon salad. This is the food group I hope I can handle best as I really love tofu and soy sauce.



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