Finally catching up....

Sorry for the long drought in posting, then the deluge in the past two days, but with the Las Vegas trip and the 3 jobs, and catching up from the trip and Christmas (I am still boycotting Christmas, unlike Mr. Blue who is grudgingly participating because he "has" to ;) lol).....I am just running around crazily. Though when my trainer asks what I'm so busy with, I haven't got much of a good reason to not get my ass into the gym. I will be working on tweaking my schedule to fit the exercise in, which will be better for me, but will make me miss out on something, but it's all good.

I may not have such exciting pictures of food in the next few weeks as I've started a diet (tired of the headaches and feeling unwell, okay, so that might be related to the three jobs, but let's ignore that part for now) under medical supervision with Dr. Bruce Katsura of Pacific PureLipo. Check out for more information or just ask me. So all I'm eating right now is protein, yup, just protein. Yup, I made those delicious looking pizzelles and didn't eat a single one (and I plan to make 4 more batches tonight...sleep? What's that??). Down about 15 pounds in 3 weeks.

Look in the November month for all my posts and pictures that I had on my Blackberry all this time.

Have a wonderful, safe and warm Christmas day and I will be happily sleeping in.

<3, poha


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