Red Velvet Doughnut - The Patisserie

I went to the Patisserie after my monthly torture, I mean, chiropractic appointment, because it's in between my chiropractor's office and the bus stop.  I thought I would grab a croissant for a snack with my coffee because I already had a banana ginseng smoothie for breakfast.  But there was this lonely little red doughnut in the case, so I asked the lady if it was a red velvet doughnut.  She nodded.  I asked if it was good.  She smiled a big smile and nodded more.  Sold!  Gimme!  Nice, moist cake doughnut, faint hint of red velvet.  Too much glaze for me, but I always think that.  The doughnut and croissant with tax came out to $2.45.  I guess I will save my croissant for afternoon snacktime.......


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