Zucchini Bread

Whenever there is a fundraiser of sorts, I always make this. It's quick, easy and it freezes so you can make them ahead of time. It always surprises me that people haven't heard of or eaten zucchini bread! It's a quick bread, not unlike banana bread or carrot cake, where the moistness of the cake/bread is derived from the vegetables/fruit.

These are great toasted with butter AND cream cheese.

Here's the recipe I use (and without any tweaks really!):
Mom's Zucchini Bread

The trick is to NOT drain the zucchini (ever! Don't do it!). I sometimes add a bit of water if the batter looks too thick (thicker than cake batter but not as thick as cookie batter). The recipe calls for two regular sized loaf pans, but I'll use mini loaf pans (the foil ones) and split the batter between 5 to 6 of these. 2 cups of zucchini is about one nicely sized vegetable, heavy for its size. A lot of the time, I will use more than 2 cups of zucchini simply for the fact that I grate too much. I use the cooking spray with flour and easy peasy, you're good to go. I've done 30 of these for a bake sale and when you start a week or two ahead of time, wrap and freeze them, it makes them much easier to transport and once the loaves defrost, they're just as good as if you just baked them.


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