I love cookies!  Hello, < 3 cookies is the name of my blog!  My favorite cookies are chocolate chip with nuts.. if it's milk chocolate chips, I like macadamia nuts; if it's semi-sweet chocolate chips, I like walnuts. :)

I visited the farmer's market on Tuesday morning and my mom gave me the two packages of cookies: chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin.  Okay, I might love cookies, but I hate oatmeal raisin.  I just do.  The raisins always get hard and bleh.  Just give me chocolate.  If I make cookies with raisins, I'll plump them in warm water with some vanilla extract or just do warmed rum.  Om nom nom.

Little did my mom know, but I had already bought myself some cookies from the Cookie Corner.  Now that there aren't any Mrs. Fields' cookie stores around, this is my favorite.  I got chocolate chip with walnuts, chocolate chocolate chip with walnuts and and M&M cookie..... hehehehehe


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