Homemade Hummus

I love hummus. I was introduced to a lot of middle eastern food when I was at college and lived in Chicago for a summer. Store bought hummus is great but it's expensive. Google a few recipes online and you'll see how easy it is. The biggest expense will be the tahini (sesame seed paste, think almond butter) but you only need a few tablespoons for about two cups. A food processor is a must; this gets pretty thick so I'm not sure a blender will work well. Let me know if it does! This is what went into my hummus: One can of chickpeas, juice reserved Two tablespoon type scoops of tahini 1.5 teaspoon chopped garlic Two teaspoon type scoops of sundried tomatoes in olive oil Juice of one lime Fresh cracked black pepper Whizz everything in the food processor, adding the reserved juice from the chickpeas until smoothish. Taste it before adding salt. Sometimes the chickpeas are pretty salty. I've added cilantro, onions, green onions, lemon juice, olive oil, pine nuts, all sorts of variations. It's kind of like barbecue sauce in the US or ozoni in Japan, every family has their own recipe. I eat it with pita bread or chips, with tabbouleh. One of my friends said he uses it as a sandwich spread instead of mayo. Funny thing is my boss was raving about a tuna sandwich he had that had no mayo. I hope to blog more. My crappy Motorola Cliq XT is dead and gone and there's a blogger app so hang on, more crazy poha on the way! ;-)


  1. Much Better!

    I would never cook that. I would buy it in the store because I am a big shot.

  2. I never realized hummus was so easy to make. I gotta try this. Thanks!


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