Plank Exercise - Core Strength

So, yeah, I'm a fatass because I won't eat right and I don't exercise nearly enough. My trainer comes to torture me on a weekly basis and he's kind enough to read me the news while I gasp for my life and we berate each other for our horrible drawings in Draw Something.

This is by far the simplest exercise to do and it's oh-so-painful! Let's begin! ::claps her hands gleefully::

First, you must Google "plank exercise". Got it? Now, get on the floor, elbows in line with your shoulders, weight distributed evenly from side to side and across your forearms. Forearms either up or down, hands clenched in fists or open, or you can hold your hands together (I do mine, hands up, palms open). Whatever gets you through the next 5 seconds of your life. Feet position, either in line with your hips or together. I keep mine together. Body straight (keep your butt down!) like a plank and weight should be evenly distributed between your arms and legs. Alrighty then! Do it! Breathe!

If your entire body is shaking and you think you're going to pass out (make sure you're breathing, dammit), you're doing it right! If you think this is too easy, your butt is too far up in the air, this is called PLANK, not PIKE. Oh yeah, see, there ya go.

How I get through these terrible seconds... I breathe, long, deep breaths, regulating them by counting to five on each inhale and exhale (that's about 3 seconds in real time) and clenching and unclenching my hands as a distraction. I used to be able to do a minute, but I'm back down to 30 seconds. Yay!

From your Google search, I'm sure you've seen side plank and other wonderful variations on this torture. Just be careful, push yourself but don't hurt yourself. (Disclaimer because I feel I have to, I don't know crap, I just do what I'm told by my trainer and I'm relating a semi-funny allegory for you). It all pays off eventually. Some day ;)


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