Misoyaki butterfish

Sorry, it's been a while since I blogged; I completely blame my Google+ addiction.

I rarely cook for myself, but this is something that if I want it, I have to make it. Luckily, here in Hawaii, I can buy this ready-to-cook in the Japanese food store, but it's really easy to do yourself as long as you can wait 72 hours ;)

Here's the typical recipe, I picked this link because he has pictures and an explanation of what butterfish is:

I always grew up calling it butterfish, but from reading on the interwebz, it might be called black cod outside of Hawaii. It's an oily fish with a distinctive fish taste. I'm thinking if you don't like salmon, you probably won't like this. It's much oilier than salmon. It sometimes reminds me of unagi. The bones are large enough where you wouldn't accidentally eat them and it's better to cook the fish on the bone so your filet remains a filet. Fillet? Too early. You'll find this in many bento boxes along with a piece of chicken katsu or roast pork.

I prefer to bake mine in a foil lined pan for ease of clean-up. Burnt sugary miso is near impossible to get off a  pan. I lined the pan with foil, added sliced onions (I absofreakinglutely LOVE cooked onions), sprinkled the onions with salt, pepper and a splash of soy sauce, then plopped the miso butterfish on top. I added a bit of water and covered the pan with another foil sheet so the fish would steam. Put it in a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes so it would cook through (I don't like my butterfish rare, it's a squishy texture thing). Once the fish and the onions appeared cooked, I cranked on the broiler to high and made roasty-toasty caramelization on the top. The burnt bits are really good. You don't need the onions, I just LOVE onions so I added them because I know they would help keep the butterfish from sticking and I would have vegetables to eat. I really wanted a garden salad, but meh, such is life. I poured the pan drippings all over everything once done.

Yeah, it's not the prettiest, but if you had to make a monochrome meal, this would be it ;)


  1. Pic is great, protein carbs and taste, lovely stuff. Great write up too. A pleasure to read the enjoyment in your words.

  2. The site finally came up! Love it! Who ever dissed your photo skills, are clearly mildly retarded. I don't have a problem seeing what it is, and frankly - it looks delicious!


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