Tango Market

I, like many others, miss Satura Cakes, but in the same location, Tango Market has opened.  It is owned and operated by Chef Goran Streng, of Tango Cafe (yes, it's across the street from Tango Market!).  I know of Chef Streng from the Kapiolani Farmer's Market; his blueberry bread pudding with creme anglaise was a welcome breakfast with some 100% fresh roasted Kona coffee (in a 3 shot latte, of course!).

I stopped for lunch because I had to make the long trek from one side of the Ward shopping complex to the other (soooooo far in the hot Hawaiian noon-day sunshine! It was terrible, let me tell ya...).  I asked the server what was good and she recommended the duck confit quesadilla (~$10) which comes with either a tossed green salad or pasta salad.  I opted for the pasta salad (tossed salad is the same everywhere...rabbit food!)

Here's the duck confit quesadilla (how's that for fusion??):

And here's the inside of the quesadilla (duck, cheddar cheese, corn, tomatoes, onions, avocado, sour cream (I think) and green onions).  It was crispy crunchy and delicious.  At $10, I might treat myself to this once in a while!

Here's a close up of the pasta salad which had tricolor rotini pasta, red and white onions (fair warning, they're raw), salami, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, kalamata and green olives with some sort of dressing.  I would like to say it was italian, but it could have been a vinaigrette.  It was quite tasty, and I could probably do a big bowl of that for lunch.  It's nice to know that the pasta salad isn't a "just" a side dish, but something that is a unique and yummy creation all on its own.

I couldn't pass up for dessert so I chose the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake for $3.75 (not that I wasn't already in cheesecake overload from the double chocolate marbled cheesecakes I made over the weekend.....).  Not what I expected, but in a good way!  It was light, more like a chocolate mousse (I couldn't really taste the cheesecake flavor) with a big helping of whipped cream and a sprinking of crunchies (I'm assuming these are toasted hazelnuts with some crust...maybe hazelnut cookie crumbs) and an adorable chocolate design (yes, I know you can buy these, but I prefer to think it was made just for me) and buried at the bottom, some cubes of white cake:

I spent a total of almost $15.00 for this lunch so it's a bit pricey to eat often, but the atmosphere is nice and it's a slightly nicer place to go for lunch.  They have sit down service as well, but limited inside seating as well as some outside seating.  Would I go back?  Hands-down definitely!  I have to work my way through the dessert menu........


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