Kulia Grill 11/3/09

Located in the John A. Burns School of Medicine in Kakaako, there's a little place called Kulia Grill. The food is created daily by the students of the Kapiolani Community College's Culinary Arts Program.

Mr. B and I went out there to check out the food. It was pretty good and affordably priced. Mr. B had the hamburger and fresh garlic potato chips along with a tapioca pudding. I had the 2 choice entree: brown rice, ahi with tsaziki sauce and baked buttermilk chicken with mixed veggies and a red velvet cake for dessert. I couldn't finish it all and could only take a bite of the red velvet cake (and anyone who knows me, knows I love my desserts) so I was stuffed! The bite I had of the cake was great though, nice and moist and I appreciated the thin layer of cream cheese frosting - so many places overdo it trying to cover up their badly baked good. The chicken was a little soggy on the bottom, prolly from the baking process (psst, kids, use a rack next time, then the bottom will be crispy) but it was juicy and flavorful, the ahi was eeeeeh okay, nothing to rave about.

All the food we got (plus two fountain drinks) came out to $18.75 - what a bargain! It was a nice atmosphere, nice and quiet (well, it was 1:30PM) and the food was good. They also had salads and bentos for very good prices! I'll be the KCC pastry chefs-in-training taste tester anytime! They also go to the farmers' market on Saturdays at KCC and sell their baked good along with some frozen entrees. The blueberry and strawberry scones are yummy!!

Call Cafe Kulia Grill at 808.692.0800 to find out their daily specials. They also have a limited breakfast menu from 7AM, and they close @ 2PM and weekends/state holidays.


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