Kanpai - Kim Chee Steak 11/3/09

Foodie J told me the next time I go to Kanpai's, I need to try the kim chee steak. Since Toytoy and family were here, we met there for drinks & pupus (appetizers). This is my second visit here, so I started out drinking a strawberry soda (I have no idea what's in it, but it's yummy). We also noshed on edamame (soybeans), spicy limu poke (see other post re: Paina Cafe for explanations) and garlic fries. The last time I was at Kanpai's, the garlic fries were overdone and soggy with garlic, too intense and not delicious at all, so I decided to stay away. I ordered the kim chee steak, 12 ounce ribeye, medium.  It came on a sizzling platter and it was absolutely heavenly. I don't like kim chee, the cabbage part, but I like the spicy sauce part that the stinky cabbage sits in (go figure). I think what would have made this better would have been to dump the sizzling platter and serve this baby on a bed of hot sticky white rice so the rice would soak up all the yummy juicy goodness from the steak, kim chee and egg yolks.

I had a second strawberry soda, then we (the girls) wanted to know what a "Hello Kitty" was. It's Bacardi 151, watermelon schnapps, 99 Bananas and cranberry. ZOMG, this thing kicked my ass. It seriously needed to be cut with some 7Up and topped with grenadine. So, just because it sounds pink and cute and fluffy, doesn't mean it doesn't have claws. Thanks, but I'll stick to my strawberry sodas.  I apologize that this post was a quickie (if you saw the earlier version). I posted it last night when I got home, and I just wanted to get it done. :) I promise to take my time from now on ;) <3 ~ poha


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