The Gift Foundation - A Vanity Fair 10/30/09 (Pictures)

It was an interesting event to say the least. Open bar and heavy pupus. Odd people in costumes. Pretty low-key (zzz) and low-energy, I think a rocking DJ would have been way more exciting as well as clearly designated VIP areas, and please, less sexism (to bid on the silent auction, you had to write your bid on a lingerie clad woman. In this day and age, wouldn't a little equality be nice? But I'd prefer a little dignity and class........), and for me, a more exciting date. Old and young mixed together in a beautiful ocean front setting. I think the best part was the location, at the Edge of Waikiki at the Sheraton Waikiki, 5 feet off the Pacific Ocean, as well as seeing old friends and coworkers.

Cheesecake Pops - cheesecake balls dipped in white chocolate and coconut or milk chocolate and finely ground nuts.

Wagyu beef sliders and arabiki sausages on rolls topped with sauerkraut (these little doggies were my favorite). There was also seasoned Tater Tots and onion rings along with chicken katsu (but we've seen all that before, right? :) Also had kalbi on top of a taro/sweet potato puree topped with micro greens and mozzarella cherry tomato skewers drizzled with balsamic vinegar - Sorry, I ate them before I took a picture. The wait staff were going around with those on trays so it got popped into my mouth before the camera got out.

The little rolls in the front were some sort of beef lettuce wrap, nothing exciting but pretty. Beautiful orchid flower arrangements on the buffet table as well as the regular tables.

Interesting, but I'll pass next year, thanks so much for your charity, Mr. B!! I do appreciate it tons.


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