Journal - Day 13 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast: two egg frittata muffins (protein & veg), guacamole (fat)
Lunch: mixed Asian greens (veg), balsamic dressing (fat), tuna (protein) salad with mayo (fat) and celery (veg), small Fuji apple (carb)
Dinner: Whole30 Fast and Easy Balsamic Glazed Chicken with Roasted Vegetables

What went well today: Had a nice lunchtime walk, no sun, but outdoors helped.
What could have gone better: Should have eaten a little more at lunch. Was hungry around 4PM.
What I'll do tomorrow: Go for another lunchtime walk!

NSV # 1: Jeans are no longer digging into my everything everywhere!
NSV # 2: Definitely noticing clearer skin. Only healing breakouts.

Energy: 6
Sleep Quality: 5
Cravings: 7

Not really craving much, so I think I'm eating enough. Today's lunch might have been a little "light" since it was mostly lettuce. I felt like I had too much carbs today, feeling a little sluggish. I wonder if my early lunch hunger was due to the apple I ate at lunch. I wish I could afford to shop regularly at Whole Foods, I spent a lot of time reading labels at regular grocery stores, but I know it's good practice. I made some chili tonight, and it ended up being 4 x 2 cup portions, so yay! I will post the recipe tomorrow. I'm feeling less exhausted cooking and cleaning with the knowledge that I can toss together a compliant "cold lunch" (or dinner) if I need to. I'm cooking almost daily, but it's not for that night's meal, but for the next night. There's something comforting knowing dinner is ready and just needs to be heated and plated, so the busy time in the kitchen can be broken up rather than feeling chained to the stove.



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