Journal - Day 27 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast: Leftover root vegetables, 2 hard boiled eggs, guacamole.
Lunch:  Leftover kalua pig and cabbage, side of leftover root veggies.
Dinner: A little bit of rotisserie chicken. I was a little too disappointed with Whole Foods, so I wasn't very hungry.

NSV: My face and neck are looking slimmer.

Energy: 5
Sleep Quality: 7
Cravings: 5

I have passed the chocolate craving! Yay! I was a bit tired today, but I think that's because I woke up earlier than usual, and I chose to stay up because it was only a few minutes before my first alarm. I haven't eaten any fruit, so I remembered to get some tonight. Whole Foods was a total disappointment. Their hot bar only had vegetable options for nom nom paleo, but upon reading the labels, they weren't necessarily Whole30 (some used bacon with sugar or butter), so that was depressing. They were also out of Primal Kitchen mayo, and I couldn't find any employee to help me. The store was crowded (it generally is around dinner time), but today, it seemed like they had 8 employees restocking, when the shelves weren't really empty, and they were all bunched in the same area, causing traffic jams. Normally, I would have gotten pissed and left (I can't stand crowds), but I was like whatever, I made a special trip, I'm going to find something. So, I grabbed a compliant rotisserie chicken, some mixed greens, a large jar of coconut aminos, a block of cheddar, and some red wine vinegar. I think the more even mood is definitely a result of Whole30 that I'm noticing. I was really disheartened by the bad shopping trip, so when I got home I wasn't really hungry, so I ate a little chicken while packing some for lunch tomorrow. I will need to plan out my food for the rest of the week since this failed shopping trip spoiled my plans.



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