Journal - Day 10 of January 2018 Whole30

I woke up early today, since I went to bed around 8:30 last night! I made nom nom paleo's proscuitto wrapped mini frittata muffins. Wow, I won't make these again. They were a lot of work, made a lot of dishes, and stuck to the muffin cups, even though I used lots of avocado oil to grease, and whole strip of proscuitto. The taste was good, but the waste was not. I would rather make a giant egg bake, but I worry without a compliant cooking spray, the whole bake will stick in the pan.

Breakfast was a hash brown made out of sweet potatoes! Yum! Along with two fried eggs.

Lunch was leftover roast pork, roasted broccolini, shredded coconut as "dessert", along with a side of egg salad (which I made using Primal Kitchen's mayo and the egg scraps from the muffin cups).

Primal Kitchen's mayo is "okay" once it's mixed with something, but straight out of the jar, it's very sour, I'm guessing from the vinegar. Nothing like Best Foods, but it will do for now.

I skipped dinner since I was busy doing belated Christmas baking, and I wasn't really hungry.

What went well today: I didn't snack on my delicious cookies.
What could have gone better: Not be so bored. Cooking and washing dishes was tiring today.
What I'll do tomorrow: Go to Costco and pick up a few more vegetables.

NSV: Not feeling it today.

Energy: 6
Sleep Quality: 5
Cravings: 3

My energy was good, but my mood was not. I am just plain OVER prepping, cooking, and cleaning! I am not considering going off Whole30, but I just am tired/grumpy/angry at all the work. I know I am worth it, and believe that I can work through it with my coach and my group. I will peruse my cookbooks tonight for easy ideas (I'm thinking it's a salad and egg/tuna salad or a cold lunch kind of week).


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