Journal - Day 0 (-1) of January 2018 Whole30

Good morning!

OK, so I went a little overboard at Costco yesterday. Wow, that was a nice walk home loaded down with two Aidell's sausage packs (I think there are 15), prosciutto, butternut squash, compliant balsamic vinegar, turkey, broccolini, kale salad and green beans. Hah! I really need to remember I can only carry so much. I know I can eat all of those veggies, I just need to prep them.

Today's to-do:
- stop at Walmart and pick up a few more staples (onions, bell peppers, local eggs, cherry tomatoes, canned goods like salmon for salmon cakes, tomato sauce, paste and whole canned tomatoes).
- blanch green beans and freeze.
- note NSV (non-scale victories) from
- write down steps to tame my dragons, particularly "refuse to engage".

I was going to roast the vegetables tonight, but I think I'm going to cook the pork loin tomorrow night, so I might as well make it all at the same time since the oven will be on. Smart! ::taps forehead:: But maybe I should do that tonight, as I still need to cook the sausages for breakfasts. Hmm.

I know I'm over prepping, but I am trying to have enough compliant foods around so I don't fall off the wagon and grab something non-compliant to stuff in my face, thus the reasoning to pick up a few canned goods. I want to have something on plan for those days when I come home late and tired, and I just want to crawl into bed. But after today, the only other items I want are: steak, cucumbers and coconut aminos (which I think I will have to venture out to Whole Foods or Down to Earth to find).

I did make my ghee last night, along with baking the chicken drumsticks with some nom nom paleo magic mushroom powder. I'll add the recipe (more like basic instructions) as a separate post.

Hanging in there! We can do this. I can do this.


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