Journal - Day 12 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast: two egg frittata muffins (protein & veg), guacamole (fat)
Lunch: prosciutto (protein), cucumbers & carrots (veg), ranch dressing (fat)
Dinner: leftover shrimp scampi (protein & fat), zoodles (veg)

What went well today: I didn't snack, and waited until dinner to eat.
What could have gone better: I think I did OK today.
What I'll do tomorrow: Make some chili. Get to bed earlier!

NSV: My face and neck look skinnier.

Energy: 6
Sleep Quality: 5
Cravings: 6

I wasn't feeling too crave-y today, so that is good. Some normal foods (like a burger and fries or McDonald's) made my stomach turn by smelling them. Hopefully, that is a good thing, and not me just being hungry. I haven't felt ravenous except at lunch. I think I need to work on eating my fruit at lunch. I'm slowly trying to cut out and limit carbs so the transition to keto from Whole30 will be easier. I like this experimentation, it's very interesting! Reintroduction will be interesting as well.

I really enjoyed my cold lunch, how little I had to carry, and how little prep it was. I think I enjoyed the break so I ended up roasting some chicken thighs and vegetables (which will be Wednesday and Thursday dinner), along with tuna salad for tomorrow's lunch. I have enough tuna salad for Thursday lunch as well. I think I'll prep some cold lunch for Friday. Tomorrow I plan to make some instant pot chili so that will be Friday dinner and Saturday lunch! That way Thursday night, I should only have to prep my cold lunch. It's nice to have the frittatas as it's all in one grab and go breakfast. Maybe I'll attempt making it in a baking dish or find some compliant spray (though I doubt that will be easy).


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