Journal - Day 8 of January 2018 Whole30

I made it to bed by 10 last night, not a lot earlier, but it was something. Nothing exciting on the food front, eating a lot of leftovers, just to make life easier, and to clean up the fridge.

Breakfast was Aidell's basil sausage, guacamole, leftover plantains.

Lunch was leftover pulled pork, romaine, tomatoes, balsamic dressing.

Dinner was leftover shrimp scampi, cauli rice and broccoli.

Post-workout snack was a DNX bar grass fed bison Jamaican style and a handful of macadamia nuts. I need to work on my timing, but today was a little busy.

What went well today: Resisting the mindless eating.
What could have gone better: Plan for pre-workout snacks.
What I'll do tomorrow: Go grocery shopping and try some regular sweet potatoes.

NSV: Feeling strong about this.

Energy: 7
Sleep Quality: 5
Cravings: 7


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