Journal - Day 0 (-2) of January 2018 Whole30

Good morning my lovelies!

Thank you for stopping to read my musings! This is day 0 (technically, day -2 of my first ever Whole30 as I start on Friday, January 5). I'll be journaling from the Whole30 Day by Day book released in December 2017 to help me stay the course, so the writing may see a bit random, but it's got a purpose.

The reasons I am doing this (before transitioning to keto) is that I am still addicted to sugar, and I need better ways to address my binge eating. I also know when I avoid cookies, my skin (acne and eczema) and allergies are better, my joints hurt less, and I am much less bloated and uncomfortable feeling. While I did awesome on Nutrisystem (I lost 50 pounds, and kept off most of it), I didn't really change much of my mindset (I did learn to be creative with vegetables and eat mostly vegetables rather than protein/carbs), and I am still addicted to sugar and refined carbs (hello, cookies!) and I binge eat these things.

Today's eating swap is to switch from coffee to black tea as Whole30 doesn't allow any artificial sweeteners, and I just haven't gotten to drinking my coffee black.

Today's to-do is to head to Costco and pick up some compliant Aidell's apple sausage, and a bunch of vegetables. Make ghee.

The support team I've enlisted is to have a Whole30 coach along with joining a keto community of friends on Google+.

My day 1 meal plan will be:
Breakfast - 1 hard boiled egg, 1 compliant sausage, steamed Okinawan sweet potato, assorted veggies, small Fuji apple.
Lunch - chicken drumstick, salad or roasted vegetables
Dinner - chicken drumstick, salad or roasted vegetables
(I bought some pork loin and chicken drumsticks so I can have 3 types of meals to rotate between)

If I'm stuck late at work, then I'll be sure to have an emergency bar on hand.
If I'm at happy hour and offered a drink, I'll decline and get some seltzer and lime/lemon.
If there's nothing compliant to eat at the party, then I'll be sure to have eaten something ahead of time, eat plain vegetables and drink lots of water.
If my friends tease me about my crazy diet, then I won't be worried, they have been through many diets with me over my lifetime, but I'm doing this for me, not them. Haters gonna hate, and negative bringers will be left out.

I was really stressing myself out with this food prepping, but I realized, I am good with basically the same thing for breakfast every day and leftovers so I could cook something for dinner on a Monday, have the leftovers for lunch on Tuesday. Depending on my mood and how much I made, I can keep eating leftovers or I can make something new. I do realize I will have days when I am tired, lazy and grumpy, so I did make a bunch of meatballs and froze them into little five-packs, so I can grab that to eat when I need. I also ordered some meat and fruit bars ( - enter whole30 as the coupon code to get 30% off and free shipping) to keep in my bag for emergency food. I also have some ground beef and ground turkey in the freezer which can easily be made into something to eat. And from Nutrisystem, I've learned to always have vegetables on hand (even if it's just frozen broccoli) and even eat salad without dressing if I have to.

Just so you know, I've been reading and planning Whole30/keto since November 2017, as I've been working through the last of my NS food, so I've been buying staples along the way (to kind of spread out the cost of buying all new condiments), like avocado oil (1L from Costco was $9.99), coconut flour. I also bought a bunch of unsalted butter to make ghee, I've rearranged my cupboards, refrigerator and freezer to put the non-compliant items in one spot.

Whole30 is going to be my clean slate. Let's do this.


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