Journal - Day 15 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast: two egg frittata muffins (protein & veg), guacamole (fat)
Lunch: carrots & cucumbers (veg), 3 ounces prosciutto (protein), ranch dip (fat), small Fuji apple
Dinner: My Whole30 chili with a side of snap peas

What went well today: Prepped food for Friday and Saturday.
What could have gone better: More sleep!
What I'll do tomorrow: Relax and enjoy my workout session.

NSV: Not sure I noticed any.

Energy: 6
Sleep Quality: 7
Cravings: 4

I'm a little tired today, I didn't get to bed exceptionally late, but neither was it early. I have a little bit of cravings this morning, but I attribute it to being tired. It's a little hectic on Fridays because I go to the gym. I keep forgetting my pre-workout snack.



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