Journal - Day 6 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast was the Aidell's Sweet Basil and Roasted Garlic Sausage, guacamole, the pepper and onion saute, and two small Okinawan sweet potato along with a hard boiled egg.

Lunch was steak leftovers, romaine, carrot, cucumber with balsamic dressing. I started to "feel" hungry around 3:30PM, but I am resisting until my stomach actually growls.

Dinner was from Whole Foods. I am so happy because I was getting tired of all the cooking. Nom nom paleo's foods were out, and each dish had an ingredient list (including the simple stuff like roasted brussels sprouts). I'm so happy! They were out of bottles of coconut aminos, so I picked up a few small packets, along with mayo, evoo and other essentials.

I made an "emergency" packet to keep in my backpack in case I get hungry, so I'll have compliant snacks on hand. It's a small package of macadamia nuts (fats) and a DNX bar (protein, veg). All packed safely into a Sephora makeup bag.

What went well today: I feel a little more confident reading labels and knowing what is compliant. It helps to shop somewhere where most of the products are "healthy".
What could have gone better: Could have gotten more sleep last night (again).
What I'll do tomorrow: Be nicer to myself.

NSV: I feel less bloated.

Energy: 5
Sleep Quality: 5
Cravings: 7

Dinner was such a nice break from cooking. I have to remember that I have a lot of foods in the freezer that can be quickly heated up, and I shouldn't stress so much about something new or cooking. There's nothing wrong with tuna salad or egg salad for lunch and dinner. I have to work on incorporating more fats into my diet.


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