Journal - Day 4 of January 2018 Whole30

Good morning! (haha just kidding, I'm faking that enthusiasm)

I couldn't fall asleep easily last night (Sunday). I didn't really nap on Sunday, except maybe an hour, and I woke pretty early (like 6:30). Hmm. Blame Whole30 or not? Could be, but we'll see how today goes. Needless to say, I'm a little tired this morning. I've got my hot black tea, so let's just keep sipping that! I did not eat dinner last night, but I woke up not hungry, so I'll check in with my coach to see if I should eat or just listen to my body and pass on food.

- 1 Okinawan sweet potato (veg)
- 1 Aidell's apple sausage (protein)
- 1 cup kale salad (veg)
- 1 Wholly guacamole snack pack (fat)
I was too full to eat my egg so I'll save that for lunch. Mind you, these Okinawan sweet potatoes are really small compared to the regular red skinned potatoes I see, probably 5-6 of these make up one of those.

- maybe 1 cup each of carrots and cucumber (veg)
- homemade ranch dressing (fat)
- organic turkey and prosciutto (protein)

- leftover pork loin (protein)
- marinated onions & dressing (fat)
- leftover green beants (veg)
- leftover butternut squash

What went well today: Resisted cravings!
What could have gone better: Could have gotten more sleep last night.
What I'll do tomorrow: Relax and not run off to the store after work.

NSV: I looked over at the snack table and imagined that I got up and popped a chocolately, fatty treat in my mouth. I answered with a resounding NO, and it went away. Gargled with some mouthwash and was OK.

Energy: 5
Sleep Quality: 4
Cravings: 4

Tomorrow is create my shopping list for Whole Foods, and enjoy my day 5.

Off to bed!


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