Journal - Day 3 of January 2018 Whole30

Hello again!

I'm feeling better after a lot of sleep.

Breakfast was a saute of the Taylor Farms greens, with a handful of frozen peppers and onions tossed in (veg), two fried eggs (protein) and Okinawan sweet potato (veg). I cooked everything in ghee, so I counted that as my fat (but it probably wasn't enough).

I roasted the butternut squash along with cooking the pork loin. I think I'll roast the broccolini tonight and saute more of the pepper and onions, I think it will be nice with breakfast.

Lunch was roasted pork (protein), butternut squash (veg), apple (fruit) with almond butter (fat) and leftover green beans (veg).

I ate lunch late, so I wasn't really hungry for dinner, I ended up eating a small Okinawan sweet potato. Making it an early night so I can be rested for day 4!

Things that went well today: roast pork came out delicious. Breakfast and lunch are packed for tomorrow. Dishes are washed, counters are clear.
Things that could have gone better: could have gotten more rest.

Energy: 7
Sleep: 7
Cravings: 9

NSV: Feeling less bloated, but a little fuzzy headed.


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