Journal - Day 5 of January 2018 Whole30

I had a hard time sleeping last night again, but I did head to bed "early", around 10PM. I'm cutting back on the black tea today, so hopefully, I can get back to my regular sleep. I normally just pass out right away when I get to bed, so this is unusual for me.

Breakfast was the same, but I tried the Aidell's Sweet Basil and Roasted Garlic Sausage. Yum! It does have an "OK" ingredient, sodium lactate, but it's not expressly forbidding, so I'm enjoying it. The rest of my breakfast was guacamole, roasted broccolini, the pepper and onion saute, and a small Okinawan sweet potato.

Lunch was the same as yesterday, my cold lunch with a small Fuji apple. I think I had a lot less prosciutto, so I'm a bit hungry 4 hours later, but I can make it home and have my steak, butternut squash and some veggies. I plan to make nom nom paleo's prosciutto egg bakes, just to change things up. I'm glad I love eggs!

Dinner was half a steak, leftover broccolini and butternut squash. I still felt hungry so I added on a small Fuji apple and some almond butter. I think I need to work on making sure my lunch has enough fats in it. I think I'll stock up on some coconut flakes because that is an easy fat to get in (and portable).

What went well today: Remembered all my food and took a short lunch time walk.
What could have gone better: Could have gotten more sleep last night (again).
What I'll do tomorrow: Go to Whole Foods for more food!

NSV: Still feeling strong about this.

Energy: 4
Sleep Quality: 4
Cravings: 5

I'm getting tired of all the cooking. I think I need to look into making a pot of chili or something easy :) Maybe chicken to shred then I can mix with different things.


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