Journal - Day 11 of January 2018 Whole30

I had a hard time sleeping last night (Sunday). I think just cooking and cleaning all day wound me up, so I had a hard time relaxing. Even though today is a holiday (Martin Luther King day), I have to work, which is OK because I get some quiet time to catch up on things.

I'm still kind of blah over the Whole30 thing. I'm still not ready to abandon it yet, but I'm just feeling discontent. It is a lot of cooking/cleaning I'm not used to. I like cooking, but not nearly every day. I'm working on figuring out a trick for leftovers, or maybe more cold lunches, more salads for dinner.

Breakfast: two egg frittata muffins (protein & veg), coconut chips (fat)
Lunch: leftover pork loin (protein), roasted broccolini (veg), carrots (veg), coconut chips (fat)
Dinner: leftover shrimp scampi (protein & fat), zoodles (veg), the last of the butternut squash (veg)

What went well today: Re-read the label on the green tea that I thought was compliant, but it had so many ingredients that I was sure something was lurking in there. Sure enough, organic stevia leaf.
What could have gone better: Not stress myself out over cooking every night.
What I'll do tomorrow: Make some tuna salad for lunch. Get to bed early.

NSV # 1: The tight jeans are not so tight today. They aren't digging into my gut.
NSV # 2: Definitely noticing skin clearing.

Energy: 6
Sleep Quality: 4
Cravings: 3


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