Journal - Day 19 of January 2018 Whole30

Breakfast: two egg frittata muffins (protein & veg), guacamole (fat).
Lunch: Aidell's basil sausage (protein), onions and peppers (veg), marinated onions (fat), strawberries (fruit).

Afternoon snack: DNX bar with almonds. I kind of knew my lunch wasn't big enough (not enough vegetables), so I was OK with having the afternoon snack around 3PM.

Dinner: Beef broccoli with cauliflower rice.

What went well today: Went for a walk (not really relaxing, but walking for work counts anyways) and got the chicken breasts cooked.
What could have gone better: Should have made more vegetables.
What I'll do tomorrow: Start prepping food for the weekend.

NSV: Still feeling good. Energy is OK (I've never been an excitable person), but moods seem more even. Less rage-y, or quick to fly off the handle.

Energy: 7
Sleep Quality: 7
Cravings: 4

Today's lunch was the laziest lunch yet. Even easier than the cold lunches. Frozen onion pepper blend in the bottom of a container, sliced sausage on top. There was some liquid at the bottom, but it made for a nice "sauce" when mixed with the marinated onions. I had an afternoon snack, which was nice, because it let me have time to cook dinner and prep the chicken, without being starving and wanting to eat as soon as I got home. Emotionally, I'm feeling fine, dare I say it, strong with this Whole30. I think I've found a good balance between cooking/prepping and relaxing. Now to get a little more organized with my meal planning so I can be better about my budget. I do shop differently, as I don't have a car, so I budget my shopping upon what I can carry and when. So yes, I shop multiple times a week.



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